5.8×42mm brass case and 4.5mm underwater cases made in China

DFZ, can you measure the case length witha caliper?

And can you show us the headstamps?

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Let me look for the headstamps…Because I’m in the college that far away from my house now…I need to find Some headstamp pictures in my phone…So just wait for a while

The first is 5.8×42 brass case headheadstamp,and the second picture is 4.5headstamp(difficult to see),it’s headstamp is numbers,too

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No hurry, when you manage new photos of the headstamp it will be great.

More details about the 4.5 Underwater case,include the headstamp,I hope it can be helpful.

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Great, thanks a lot!
Can you tell us the exact case length measured with a caliper?

What is 4.5mm Underwater? I’ve never heard something described like that.

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4.5mm is a special type ammunition,used on QSS05 Underwater pistol,It’s warhead is very long and thintimg-1600270222291 cf9b2fd9b0c0403589b6381038dad4c2
These two pictures is from the Internet,I hope this can be helpful for you ,my friend


Ok,but without a professional device…I only know the length of 4.5mm underwater is about 40mm…Obviously it is not precise at all…

do you had a 7.62x39 case ?
you can take a picture side by side ,head same niveau

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Actually it is a Soviet design and China seems to have obtained a licence for these.
The original Soviet pistol is the SPP-1.
It would be great to get the exact case lengtn and rim diameter as well as diameter above the rim to compare it to the Soviet version (so far both cartridges appear identical).

Is the headstamp “71 16” ?

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Yes ,The headstamp is “71 16”,and by the way,the 71 factory also produce "8.6mm"Cartridge case,which is same as. 338Lapua Magnum,but "8.6"case is heavier than .338case,this is really interesting

Thank you for the confirmation of the headstamp! So far the only I knew of was a “71 01”.

The Chinese 8.6x70 resp. .338LM is a bit puzzling for the time being as there are at least 3 manufacturers and 2 different case lengths. Let alone all the projectiles.
It appears China is doing a lot of testing with this caliber recently and they also seem to work on machine guns in this caliber.

Mr. ammogun
Yes ,I have two kinds of brass 7.62×39 cases,They’re all made in China in 1961.
This is the picture,I hope they might be helpful to you

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Thanks for this details

That’s doubtful. Since 1960s PRC and USSR were not on the best terms, so selling a top secret weapon to China during 1970s or 80s seems highly doubtful to me. Most likely it was an reverse engineering project, since there’s not much magic involved once you have a proven concept

I think the pistol licence went to China decades later. Like plenty of other Russian / Soviet ordnance.

for DFZ8881
i don’t need pictures of the 7.62x39 cases
i sugest to take a picture of one case of 4.5 and one of 7.62x39 to show the lenght of the 4.5 case