5.8×42mm from factory 74(724)



Obviously a single flashole ( well off-centre), but is the Primer Pocket a Standard Large Rifle ( 5,33mm/.209-.210)
Note that Primer pockets are usually a smaller size that the actual Primer cup, for
“Interference Press Fit”.

Off-centre flashhole? ----Manufacturing defect?
Or anti- Machine-reloading ( where decapping pin is centered)
( "inscrutable Ammo Control)?

Thanks for posting this interesting novelty.
Doc AV

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Indeed interesting. As the hole is so far off, could it be for a Berdan primer that missed a couple(?) of stages?

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Would it be possible that there are no reloaders in China and no export to reloader counties is expected? So this is just a flash hole?

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This could have also been a way to switch to Boxer type primers without re-configuring the production machinery. The same Berdan flash hole drilling machine could have been used to produce this off-centre flash hole.

This removes the case production steps of forming the Berdan anvil and drilling the second flash hole.

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