50-110 Dummy

This 50-110 Dummy cartridge has a bullet I have concerns about. It is suppose to be a copper tube but instead of a X on the tube it has a W on it. Shuey’s book makes no mention of this type bullet with a W on it. Is this legit or did someone make something up? It’s h/s is WRA CO 50-110 EX
Thank You Carolyn



My take is that you are right to be concerned.

Looks like someone put a 22 RF in the nose instead of the normal hollow copper tube.

The Mead Patent (previously discussed in the forum) puts a 22 RF blank in the bullet nose, & functions as an explosive bullet, but in a dummy, which otherwise looks correct, why bother?

Perhaps it was a legitimate hollow point dummy, & someone thought it needed “fixing-up”?

hope this is of help.

I know of no copper cased .22’s with that headstamp. It looks more like some of the 1900 era Winchester #4 primers.

Your right Ron, it probably is a No. 4 primer.

So not a “Mead patent” as those did use a .22.

Was just going over it in my mind & though perhaps I could edit my post but you beat me to it !