50/30 Salvo squeeze bore

Is there some place I can find more about 50/30 salvo squeeze bore cartridges? In earlier posts I find type 2, type 7 and type 10. does anyone have pictures of others?
The one I have looks like type 7 but has black sealant around the bullet at the case neck.
I think some place I saw it called a type 6 but I’m not sure.
Any information would be appreciated.
Thanks Bob

HWS Vol. III, Chapter 8, page 267, Figure 340

The1st variation is just above the example with the “INERT” stamp.

search this Forum for .50 SALVO


Mel, Pete and Pepper
Thanks for your reply’s
I have seen the posts and articles you mentioned but I was looking for something with the cartridge photos labeled. I did find a web site called cartrology.com that has photos of Type 1, 2, 3A, 6, 7, and10 labeled.
Thanks again

I think Ron, Fuchs, the guy who instigated these numbers has them listed in his downloadable Cal. 50 listings.

I just tried the site & it seems to not be up anymore?

At any rate send me your e-mail & I can send you the two word files concerning these.

SSB projectile types

Fuchs’ 12.7x99 books

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Pete and jestertoo
Thanks for the great information
I think this gives me everything I was looking for.
i have added it to my favorites.

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