.50-50 Peabody? Question

Hello All! I’ve been doing some research on the so-called .50-50 Peabody. I’ve run across this cartridge and the measurements are correct according to Hoyem’s Vol. 1 Pg 149 with the measurements on Pg. 200. They example shown in his book has a wooden projectile and is apparently headstamped “BLANK.” The measurements on the projectile shown are as follows: OAL 1.723" CL 1.378" HD .562" RD .644" Is this a true .50-50 Peabody or something else? I’ve looked through several auction sites and gone through the old Buttweiler lists. The .50-50 Peabody is listed in the CD-ROM index but when you look up the auction it’s the .50-50-500 FA Experimental Round.



Hi Ian,

What it the case diameter just before the tapered crimp and bullet diameter at case mouth?



Fede…the bullet diameter at the mouth is .458." The case diameter just prior to the necked down area is .517. The cartridge diameter at the mouth is .468"

Thanks, then it is a .45-45 Peabody. It matchs the measurements of examples identified as “.45 Peabody Sporting” in UMC display boards.



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Thanks Fede!

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