.50-664 Vickers HV Link

This cartridge and link came together so I ask if it is the correct link?
Dimensions are 74x51mm.
No markings due to corrosion and weld repair.
What marking would be on this link? How common?
I have no references to Vickers links.
The flat base 664 grain cartridge is stamped: K30 .5D.

Was told it came from Japanese ammo in New Guinea.
May be true since Japan did use this cartridge.


Hi Ron, I imagine that in the Japanese context this is a rare cartridge. I have not seen the Links for this Gun/Cartridge either (perhaps Tony Williams can assist?).

My references tell me that the Japanese had 48 Vickers .5 (Class D) High Velocity Guns. My presumption would be that they would have used both British manufactured cartridges and Link.
Very nice item!!



Thanks for the comments. I am glad someone like it.

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