50-70 Martin Primed (Sectioned)

Tired of looking at sectioned bullets? Let’s look at a butt. 50-70 Govt., copper cased, this is the 2nd type Martin Primer with the re-entrant fold at the rim.

BTW, I’m not being a dirty old man. In Benchrest we call the base of a case the butt. We cut our chambers so that there is very little expansion upon firing and this we call, a “tight butt.” Really. :) :)


That’s impressive - sure shows the construction of the head well. You got the one without the re-entrant fold that you can cut up? Slicing up REM-UMC and Peters bullets is one thing, but you’re starting to get in to some of the more pricey stuff with these early US military cartridges.


I wasn’t always as smart as I am now.


I hope someone has confiscated your cutting tools.


I think I told this story before but it is good enough to repeat.

Back when I was “into” Custer and the Indian Wars, one of the big controversies was whether or not the copper 45-55 cartridges were prone to sticking in the chambers and therefore contributed to Custer’s death. I knew this guy in Wyoming who decided to settle the issue once and for all. He had about 5 boxes of the original copper Benet primed 45-55 carbine ammo and proceeded to shoot it in his carbine to see if any of the cases broke apart. (They didn’t BTW)

So, I’m not the dimmest bulb in the chandelier by any means.


Another butt; the first model (1869) Martin without the reentrant fold. No comment on tightness;)

I really like that type of sectioning. It really shows the design of the “Butt” well. Learning something new every day here and all this time I thought I was a nice Butt expert :-)

I personally think rare rounds that are sectioned are nicer then complete rounds, but that is just me.