50-70 Old Western Scrounger

I bought a partial box of Old Western Scrounger 50-70 Government. There are two different head stamps in the box. I believe all of the cartridge cases were made by Bertram Brass in Australia Twelve of the cases have only “50-70” for a head stamp. The other eight have the full Bertram style head stamp with “50-70” over two kangaroos, over “BB”. I am wondering what happened to the marsupials and letters. I am thinking the bunter was damaged and the missing characters were ground off to finish the production run.


I don’t believe that OWS charged any extra for the creative spelling on the label.

Curtis F. Laws

I think there were two different bunters.
A close look at the hyphen between B-B, seems to have the left end overlapping the B on the cases without the kangaroos.