50-70 umc sh


I have a cartridge with the following hs: U.M.C. SH 50-70. It has no external projectile but a paper wad crimped down by the edge of the cartridge. I found its ID at MUNICION.ORG, here it is: Union Metallic Cartridge & Co., de Bridgeport (Connecticut). SH= Solid Head, indica vaina con pesta


I have found the following site to be great for translations:


Unfortunately, the resulting tranlations to English aren’t always straightforward.

Here’s how your Spanish translated: ‘it indicates case with massive and not folded eyelash like annular and the other old cartridges’. Essentially, I think it is saying that the solid head is not the old style folded head.

If your cartridge feels like it has some weight out at the mouth end, it is probably a shot load. Otherwise, its a blank.


You have a “solid head” .50-70 manufactured by Union Metallic. If the top of the specimen is heavy, it is a shot load; if it is light, it is a blank. Both will be found in this headstamp / general configuration.



IIRC, that is a “style #4”. Photo taken from Phil Sharpe’s book, “Complete Guide to Handloading”.