Could anyone show a picture of what a 50-70 Buck and Ball cartridge looks like, or is this also referred to as a ball cartridge?

Hi Carolyn, I have a buck & ball 50/70, made by U. M. C. . It is headstamped; U.M.C. S H .50-70. . In fact, I have two, one is the complete cartridge with round ball at case mouth. The other is the same only V sectioned, to show the round ball backed up by at least 10 or so buck shot. Several years ago, I had a photo of this on this forum , it was lost when the site was rebuilt after the hacker attack. It is good loading. M. Rea

Carolyn, I’m sorry I can’t put my hands on this guy right now but here is an xray of the round you’re asking about (second from right). I have it listed as having been headstamped U.M.C. S H .50-70. and had a total weight of 596 grns.