50-95 w.c.f

have 50-95 W.C.F. looks like a 22 rimfire case has been inserted in the nose .Head stamp with X . is this a factory load.

Here are a few other 50-95 for you to look at

do not have the EX head stamp on mine. W R A Co 50-95 W. C. F. are they factory?

All 3 round are factory issue(EX=Express) I do not know if some of these
were made by British firms would be nice to find out.

ryaussy & Sherryl

Yes these are factory loads with the raised X on the copper insert. The Winchester factory did this as Sherryl shows. It’s found in a number of case types, is not explosive but rather an aid to make the bullet expand. It’s a hollow copper tube closed at one end the UMC variations were plain, looking much like the Dominion Sherryl shows

The “Express” term comes from British origin (Purdey of London I believe) as it would “hit like an express train”

The English (Eley) did make the .50-95 WCF Sherryl.

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