.50 A-MAX construction?


I have a .50 BMG in my collection which has a Hornady A-MAX bullet (shown on the extreme right in the pic below).

I am curious about the construction of the bullet. I understand that the core is of lead, with the jacket wrapped around the base and an aluminium-alloy tip filler. Does anyone have a sectioned view? What’s the overall length of the bullet?

Thanks for any help.


The details of construction are correct. There were two production variations, different bullet length, different boattail length. 64.5mm / 2.54 inches is current. I’ll try & send you a X-Section via email. It’s from my article on .50 Forensics, Very High Power Magazine 2008 #1.



The insides of the A-Max 50 cal bullet is unlike any you’ve ever seen. (On second thought, you have probably seen most every kind of bullet construction.) Anyway, the aluminum “tip” is 1.42" long with an odd shape and fits about .825" down inside the jacket/core. Keith’s photo will best illustrate the construction. I have one that I have taken apart and here’s a not-very-good photo showing the 3 parts.

BTW, anyone interested in Cal 50 bullets should get a copy of Keith’s article. Lots of good stuff never discussed before, as far as I know.



Many thanks, gentlemen - and to Keith for the email with attached photo.

It makes an interesting contrast with another long-range .50 sniper round I have from the UK company Primetake, which features a solid brass, CNC machine-turned, moly-coated bullet of 800 grains. The bullet has a couple of wide “driving bands” machined into the rear half. Total length is 2.7 inches / 68.6mm.



Here in the US there is no end to the variety of swadged and machine turned .50 bullets, both for sniper and competition use. Many are of the two or more diameter bore-rider type. It seems that every manufacturer has his own idea of what works best.

Keith’s article shows quite a few of the more commonly found .50 bullets. Maybe 30 or more?

Here are just a few from my article on 50 BMG Benchrest cartridges.



[quote=“RayMeketa”]Here are just a few from my article on 50 BMG Benchrest cartridges.
Sigh…yet more to add to my “wants” list…