50 Action Express Rimmed

I was recently asked if I had a 50 AE Rimmed available for trade???

Is this a real cartridge or have I been sent on a Snipe hunt???

Please help a poor guy whose knowledge of anything above 9mm is severly limited.


Maybe he meant 50 wyoming express instead of action express.
It is very similar although belted

I do have a cartridge headstamped 50 AE |M|. This is a 50 action express. vic

An experimental sort of cartridge under development by a certain Bryan Collison according to ammoguide.com. You need a login name to view the specific case dimensions, but you can see the basics of it, and the first couple sentences of the description even if you aren’t a member at this link: http://ammoguide.com/cgi-bin/ai.cgi?sn=VgCXimFlsw&catid=524 If you can’t see the full description, then it is: “Currently under development by Bryan Collison, the .50 Action Express Rimmed is designed to provide improved extraction in the Encore pistol over the .50 AE, using readily available components. The case is based on the .500 S&W Magnum trimmed to a maximum of 1.285". Standard .50 AE dies may be used for reloading in combination with the .500 S&W Magnum shellholder. The standard .50 AE chamber is counter-bored to provide seating space for the rim.
More info should be available Spring of 2007.
” The other info mentions an OAL of 1.595", and a 300gr bullet with FPS at 1672, and M.e. at 1863. Guessing this is a wildcat that never went anywhere?