.50 amtec

Here a .50 AMTEC with polymer case

Does anyone know more about this cartridge and its projectile (it does not react to a magnet)


I did the patent drawings for some of Amtech’s first cartridges…I still have a display they made back in the mid '80’s with 5.56, 7.62 and .50 cartridges, all like yours with brass head and white plastic case body…


Projectiles were standard M33 Ball, with the dummies being assembled from solid brass projectiles from Thunderbird Cartridge Co. but with the boattail shaved some to fit the bullet compartment of the case. Other than some test rounds and the display dummies that’s as far as they went with that caliber.

Polymer case bodies seem to be making a comeback: kitup.military.com/2011/09/crane … -ammo.html