.50 AP tungsten core Netherland


I have a separated tungsten core of a .50 BMG AP load. I think the core belongs to an Eurometaal .50 AP from Netherland.

The core measures 8,95 mm in diameter, 37,40 mm in lenght and weigh 30,99 g.
Does anyone have a technical data sheet of the cartridge or a pic of a sectioned cartridge? Is the core positioned in a aluminum sabot and is there any point filler between core and jacket?

Thanks for help.


This indeed is a ‘hard core’ of the Dutch .50 APIHC round, as once made by Eurometaal Zaandam, also known as EMZ (Now yawl understand my nickname here).

In the Seventies EMZ (formerly known as Artillerie Inrichtingen - AI) developed this API Hard Core round. There were a lot of experiments, and in the end they chose this design, which is known as type Z1-G17. The final product got a silver colored bullet tip.

Source: NVBMB 25th Anniversary edition (1990)

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Dear EMZ,

that`s what I´m looking for. Thank you very much for your help!



EMZ may i ask what book those images are from, it looks very interesting

However, this 1990 NVBMB publication is in black & white. The color images are from the original publication. In fact it was a concept that never has been openly been published because the authors don’t want it to be made public. Sorry.