.50 Belt Compositions WW2


I am putting together some examples of USAAF 50 Browning ammunition in belts.

What were the official load compositions of belts in either fixed or flexible mountings? (I am presuming that there were guidelines for this).
Any knowledge of individual or unit level formulations would also be interesting?



In addition, all the above in respect to Luftwaffe 7.9x57


A few extracts from: Flying Guns – World War 2: Development of Aircraft Guns, Ammunition and Installations 1933-45


Over the years, I’ve had an opportunity to speak to various bomber gunners, fighter pilots, and naval personnel. While there were some local standards in some theatres, when it came to fighter pilots, they were often allowed to select their own combos and specified what they wanted. So there were all sorts of combos.

I’ve seen USN PT Boat documentation that specified 2 Blue, 2 Silver, 1 Orange tip. At one time, I had a partial crate with those markings and shipping info on the crate addressed to a PT Boat Squadron in the S Pacific. I have a short belt, still, of that ammo.


Thanks Gentlemen for your replies…would like to see a picture of that section of PT boat belt??.