50 Beowulf headstamps

I knew there hadn’t been too many Beowulf headstamps, but was wondering what the total count on them is? Apparently Starline was making the original cases for Alexander-Arms, with the “ALEX-A .50 BEO” headstamp, but at some point Alexander Arms switched to another brand, maybe JAG. The headstamps are similar, but are obviously different. Somewhere during this, Alexander became cross with Starline and told them to stop producing any brass with “their trademark headstamp” or whatever, which makes little sense to me since Starline had only ever been stamping the brass with “.50 BEO”, which Starline continued to do for a while with their generic star - star headstamp. I would think that Alexnder Arms only owns the trademark to “.50 Beowulf” (the full name). Anyway, Starline then switched to making brass with a metric equivalent stamp of 12.7x42, which is ridiculous for the U.S.market as compared to doing something else such as stamping the brass with a much more readily recognizable “.50 B-WULF”, which Alexander couldn’t possibly claim as a “trademark”. Oh well. This dust-up is from the last year or two, and seems poitless to me as Bill Alexander must see the writing on the wall that .450 Bushmaster and .458 SOCOM are destroying .50 Beowulf in the market, for many obvious reasons, so why put up such a fight. I wonder if he is hot after Barnaul now that they have recently entered the 6.5 Grendel market?! One wonders what their response to a trademark infringement notice from Alexander Arms would be… probably nothing.

Below is the original stamp on the left, and then the newer one which Alexander uses on the right, maybe from JAG? Then the short-lived generic Starline headtamp and their new metric one.