.50 BMG (12.7x99mm) Limited Range 'New' Loading by CBC

The following pdf files are on the CBC website and pertain to ‘new’ limited range loadings in .50 BMG now being offered by CBC:

intl.cbc.com.br/upload/folders/t … nge_en.pdf
intl.cbc.com.br/upload/folders/m … all_en.pdf
intl.cbc.com.br/upload/folders/m … cer_en.pdf

In the pictures in these files it appears that the bullet ogive is more pronounced than other limited range training ammunition (LRTA) or if compared to a regular ball loading and there also appears to be a ‘groove’ or indentation that starts ‘below’ the bullet tip and extends about 2/3 of the way down the length of the bullet.

Is this really a ‘new’ type of limited range loading and can anyone provide further information on the subject?



The CBC people told me that they are basically identical to the Raufoss short range ones.

Here is the Nammo Raufoss Reduced Range cartridge, with a Canadian case.
It also comes with “ordinary” tracer (dark red tip) and IR-tracer (purple tip).