.50 BMG British AP

K32 G G .5.V.A-C

Crappy picture doesn’t show the nice metallic green


Looks like K26 was the first year of these?

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Jess, great headstamp, thank you for sharing!

As for K26: did you check Labbett’s guide on British .50?

Again, Guns Review by Peter Labbett.


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My reference was Fuchs

Wait, British used green for AP in this series, correct? I have it ID’ed it wrong as tracer when it’s AP.

Where can I get Peter Labbett’s book?

ETA: I found a couple but they aren’t available.
British Small Arms Ammunition, 1864-1938: (Other Than .303 Inch Calibre)
British Service. 50 Inch Browning Ammunition

I’m pretty sure the green tip is AP, but what color was the AP-T? Red like the 13.2? Was it the short .5HV projectile or longer VA-C style?


image image

You might wich to change to title to the post as this was not for a Cal. .50 Browning Machine Gun?

Pete, the article (and Tony Edwards’ site) both say these were for the 50 BMG

Jess, I have the following book: British Small Arms Ammunition, 1864-1938: (Other Than .303 Inch Calibre) . pm me for so we can talk price.
Jim Alley

Hi Jess
I’m not sure who wrote the article nor do I know of Tony Lewis’s site. Here is the lower part of page (293) from Peter Labbets book and he states these were for the Vickers, Armstrong Colt hence the “V” in the headstamp.
Below that is a photo of the upper part of the same page but the Browning is rimless.

Edited, I meant Tony Edwards

The .5 Vickers HV is a seperate project not related to them tinkering with a few .50 BMG machineguns and making ammunition commercially. The .5/HV are 12.7x120 .

Found this great picture on QuarryHS - Anthony Williams’ site

Isn’t the cartridge you show in the 1st post a 12.7x120 SR for the Vickers Armstrong Colt?

no, it’s 12.7x99.

Who was buying the various 50 cal rounds from the Brits?

Thank you for that. Great round.
Edited to add
Sorry for my confusion I had a hard time seeing the base.
Another with the same HS but different color tip.5va-c%20hs 5va-c%20tip%20color


Yeah, someone else I know coughpeppercough bought the colt headstamped AP round :)

Here are the two markings present in my collection


That colt round is beautiful