50 BMG cartridge head stamped FA 21


What would be a fair value for a nice condition 50 BMG cartridge head stamped FA 21?
1921 should be very early production for the 50 BMG cartridge.

I found this cartridge as part of a large accumulation of cartridges I went thru yesterday.
Once the owner decides what he wants to do with his grandfather’s “collection”, I hope to make the accumulation available to members of this group.
The lot (about 1000 pounds worth!) covers the Civil War era to the late 1960’s.
Lots of early black powder and rimfires, thru the first half of the 1900’s.
On the up side, there is some really nice stuff in the accumulation, on the down side the stuff was stored in an attic for the past 35 to 40 years.


most have the bullet pulled & powder dumped. Many have cracked case necks as case annealing to prevent age hardening didn’t exist at that time. Further, many old time collectors thought all their specimens needed to be polished and lacquered to “preserve” them. Still many are simply fired cases with bullets stuffed into them.

So very few are original, live, undamaged examples. $25 (US) would be a fair price for such an example, a really nice one possibly more. (A cupro-nickel jacketed example, rather than copper jacketed, would be an example of a higher priced one.)


The cartridge in question is live, as the powder moving can be heard when shaken. It has a nickel jacketed bullet, brass cartridge case, brass primer. “F” at about 10 o’clock, “A” at about 2 o’clock and “21” at 6 o’clock. The neck does not appear to be cracked. If cartridge has been cleaned, it was done a long time ago.
So, would you say $30 for it would be a fair price?