50 bmg dim tracer, colors


I have a pair of LC94, one pink and one green paint on the bullet, labeled as dim tracers, M17.
I also have an LC08, purple/white labeled MK257

Are these correct? Are there any other variants?


Can you post some pics? What shade of pink, is it a “dim” or could it be “tactical”?



Ron Fuchs has the pink tip listed as an experimental dim tracer: “First production, no designation given, new BT tracer blt, U.S. Navy SOCOM contract, starlight tracer for night vision gear”

He lists the green tip round as APIT (dim) M20: “U.S. Navy contract, API(DIM)T version of the M20 APIT, NAVSPECWARGRU contract,linked 1:1:1 w/Mk 211 API & M2 AP for night vision gear”

The MK257 is also dim APIT.

I did a quick search and I didn’t see any other dim tracer variants in Ron’s references. I haven’t seen any other variants myself, but then there’s lots I haven’t seen yet!


Neat, thanks for the info.


@twoaz thanks again for reminding me of Fuchs’ book. I forgot to look there first :(



The info is correct. They’re just known as M17 Tracer (Dim) and M20 API(Dim)Tracer, no other designation, no special M # or anything. They’re identical to their original cousins, just a different trace compound. After these were produced, DoD decided they only really needed an API(D)T so they went forward with the Mk257, in the dual color code you have. The M17 Dim was dropped. There’s also a 5.56 Dim Tracer, purpleish-pink color tip, XM996 that was short lived, from the same time frame as the two .50 dims. And you know well the XM276/M276 series that’s been around for decades.


Is the 5.56 round M996 or XM996? I have a CG headstamped 5.56x45 with a purple tip.


XM. Never adopted. LC 94, only headstamp


I found the CG 0x headstamp purple tipped round in Fuch’s book, labeled “IR” tracer with no (x)m designation. Is there a real designation for it?


couldn’t say. not familiar with that particular load