.50 BMG Dummy with FLUTED Case? M2A1 Dummy Cartridge

Cartridge (brass case) has been nickel plated, flutes are 1.5 inches long, blind primer pocket, made into a bottle opener.

Picked this up at the recent KCCA Cartridge Show. I had several people take a look while at the show, responses ranged from “Is it British?” to “A friend gave me one of those to open brews”. Then when I showed them the headstamp the comments ranged from “What?” to “When did they start that?”.


Lake City Army Ammunition Plant, 2013

So when did the production of the .50 BMG dummy with fluted case begin at LC and what is the model designation? The former (?) .50 BMG dummy was designated CARTRIDGE, DUMMY, CALlBER .50, M2, identified by three drilled holes in the cartridge case and no primer. I assume who ever converted these fluted case dummy rounds into bottle openers also nickel plated the cartridges, is that a correct assumption?

Any other headstamp dates?


I do not know but if you were going to go to the trouble of plating. It would seem to me that you would make the cutout before plating.

I have seen them on sale on ebay uk for about the last 18-24 months, make about £3-5

Here is a clue, looks like the U.S. has a new .50 BMG dummy cartridge, M2A1. Cartridges have a fluted case and are nickel plated for identification. See below, marked with red stars:


Brian, yes, this is the new M2A1 dummy standardized in 2008 and intended for M2 machine guns and M107 rifles. Regards, Fede.

Now we just need to find uncut ones.

Ditto that; I know I’d be in for a few.


Just one of the new DDI (Drilled, Dummy, Inert) rounds in the series. New 7.62, 5.56 and 9mm variants as well. Same concept, nickeled, no primer, fluted cases, even supposed to have the old 3 holes in the case as well (9mm exempted from the case holes)

In 2014, I bought 50 of these 50 cal. Bottle openers at the company store at Federal
Cartridge.I brought them to the Sioux Falls show and we gave one to each table holder
Until we ran out. They only cost a couple of bucks a piece. Federal had a bunch of them.
You will note they were plated after the cut was made in the case. There were some reported to have gone to
CCI as well and possibly some of the other sister companies. This raises the question if these were
Just a limited run for a novelty item by Lake City or were these just repurposed overage or flawed rounds from a contracted
Run of dummy 50 cal… I haven’t heard about or seen any that were not bottle cap openers thus far.

Maybe they were turned into bottle openers due to the blemish in the shoulder shown above?


So based upon information provided by Fede, Keith and Docdave hopefully we will be seeing real .50 BMG M2A1 dummy rounds (6 flutes, 3 drill holes, nickeled case) in the not too distant future. Not to forget the new dummy rounds in other calibers mentioned by Keith!


PEO (Program Executive Office) Ammunition System Portfolio Book 2012-2013, Ammunition Program, Picatinny Arsenal, page 200: