50 BMG Dummy?

I’m attaching a picture of a .50 BMG dummy and was wondering if anyone knew anything about it. Two sides of the same case are shown. The case feels heavy and the neck is a little battered – possibly where someone tried to pull the bullet. On one side is a rough patch on the case wall which might indicate that something was attached/soldered to it. The bullet, which is well crimped, has a GM jacket with a magnetic core. Headstamp is just F A at 11 o’clock & 1 o’clock. Obviously no primer pocket. Overall length appears normal.

The rim thickness at 0.086” seems normal (for those wondering if something was placed over the base to hide a primer pocket) and the head is slightly concave and uneven but only about 0.004 - 0.005 deep. The “A” shows only the apex of the letter. If it was an after-market conversion to a dummy as some sort of souvenir with an emblem soldered to the side, then someone went to a lot of trouble to make it.


Any thoughts??

Chris P.

Well no one else is speaking so as a WAG…

I’d think a draw piece from the scrap bin. As I think the primer pocket and headstamp are formed at the same stage and because only the F & A were impressed it was rejected. Someone later did the head / rim trim / undercut, necking & bullet-stuffing.