.50 BMG Fired from 13.2mm Hotchkiss?

I was looking at a couple of fired .50 BMG cases headstamped “S L 42” earlier on, when I realised something very odd. One of them has a shoulder profile that matches exactly that of the 13.2x99 Hotchkiss, and is clearly different to a .50 BMG when closely compared side-by-side. Is there any possibility that someone tried a .50 BMG round in a 13.2mm Hotchkiss MG? I know that my round is not a reload for someone to shoot a 13.2mm Hotchkiss MG, as it has the original primer and primer crimps. I would be grateful for any suggestions n hosw this could have happened.

  • @ Falcon: It isn’t a 13mm Hotchkiss, it is a 13.2mm (0.52-inch) Hotchkiss Long (13.2X99). Liviu 10/24/08

Of course it is! I was typing this while doing something else, so got distracted. The error has been corrected.

just a question ! are you sure it is a fire forming
About your 47 m/m Tir Rapide , it might be: BAS MEUDON the date 1893 might correspond

The .50 BMG case sure looks like it was fire formed in a 13.2 Hotchkiss chamber.

RE the 47mm TR, do you know who the case metal supplier “L” is?

PS Check your inbox, i sent you a scan of the headstamp of another French 75mm Saluting Blank I got.

Here we turn back to our 47 mm ID :

For the 47 mm case, I cannot confirm B.M. as being for “Bas-Meudon” as proposed by Phil, but I doubt that this facility still made artillery cases as far as 1922, if any…

For the metal provider, L is very probably for Soci

  • @ Falcon: Can you post here a comparative picture showing a regular .50" [12.7X99] cartridge case and the one which matches the profile of the 13.2mm [.52"] Hotchkiss cartridge case [13.2X99]??? Liviu 10/24/08

Looking at the case again it looks like it is probably just a worn chamber or sloppy headspacing, and the OD of the neck of the .50 case is less than the 13.2mm hotchkiss.