50 BMG head stamp

I had in my hands today a 50 BMG with a head stamp M 43 ( M at 12 and 43 at 6 oclock), which factory made them.


According to the list on the IAA home page “M” could be Ammunitionsfabriken Marieberg, Stockholm, Sweden; Birmingham Metals & Munitions Co./Nobel, Birmingham, UK; Milwaukee Ordnance Plant, Milwaukee, WI, USA (1942-1943) or Munizioni e Cartucce Martignoni, Genoa, Italy.

My money is on Milwaukee

wraco50100450–It is Milwaukee Ordnance Plant, Milwaukee, WI, USA. This plant was opened in Aug. 1942 and produced 235.7 million rounds of .50 BMG Ball. AP and Incendiary. It shut down in Dec. 1943. This info is from HWS, Vol. II, Page 250-251.