50 BMG headstamp mix

I recently purchased a lot of 36 .50BMG cartridges which all had APIT projectiles. These were all listed as having come from Talon mfg. and were a mix of reprocessed components with cleaned & processed brass. I don’t think the headstamps are too remarkable, but I did think the sheer variation was remarkable as 23 of 36rds were different headstamps:

Why would there be so many foreign headstamps, 50 BMG is not a NATO round is it?

Actually it is!

What is that “HA” hs?


Basically there are so many different 50 caliber headstamps because in the second half of the twentieth century if you wanted a heavy machine gun your choice was the Browning or an eastern bloc gun. Jack

are the ones with Russian letter BMG? it would be confusing if you had that ammo around a Dushka.


The “Russian letters” is actually Hebrew for TZ = Israeli Military Industries.


thanks for clearing that up!

I find that some of the U.S. companies that reprocess components for sale as reloaded ammo are the best way to collect headstamp en-masse. This seems to be true with Talon in regard to Israeli date codes for .50BMG, and I find this true with Interarms for Czech 9x19.

I really doubt HA to be Denmark.

All features there except for the letters HA are not Danish.

  • The primer + crimp
    Looks Israeli (look at those depicted above) or FN and nothing like anything that turned up in Denmark
  • the "HA"
    Since 1954 the Danes used AMA already. Also the HA was used only in conjunction with a crown.
  • .50
    The Danes never used a caliber designation in SAA
  • lot "13"
    No SAA in Denmark was observed having lot numbers

Last but not least no such cartridges were ever observed in Denmark and all .50 observed there is foreign made.

EODs explanation on danish headstamps is correct.
I have wondered for some time about this supposedly Danish cartridges, but never seen one. Comparing the primer and crimp with the Israeli cartridges shown above, the origin seems to me pretty clear.


I do have HA in my references as Denmark (serveral diffrent HA ones known)

That source is incorrect.

I agree with EOD and others, this headstamp is not Danish, but is too early for being Israeli. In my opinion it was made in Italy by BPD but I’m not sure who was the customer.

Please note that the ones registered with an origin all come from Israel.
The “Israeli contract” is just a theory (which I didn’t believe).

If Denmark ever made .50BMG, why only one single year and only for export? No Danish makes ever saw Danish service. They just imported their .50BMG stuff (except for some blanks and drills, to be complete and correct).

Here is a list of products by Talon Manufacturing Co., Inc. from a brochure dated February 2003:

here a different Dane HA stamp 7.62

[quote=“TrevorK”]here a different Dane HA stamp 7.62

With that additional triangle stamp it’s a 6.5x55, for sure.
No relation to the .50BMG in question here.

Also Denmark never designated it’s calibers in inch. They are using the metric system ever since.

[quote=“TrevorK”]here a different Dane HA stamp 7.62
http://s24.postimg.org/gtrnm4tzp/haheadstampgg.jpg[/quote]Trevor, that is a 6,5x55 cartridge.
I agree, no .50 BMG (12,7mm as we would call it) has ever been produced here. Makes collecting them much more interesting, as we have bought all sorts of different makes over the years.
This is a WAG, but the israeli air force was once named the Chel Ha’ Avir.