.50 BMG : Informations about the Multipurpose Cartridge

Hi guys,

I wanna have some informations about the .50BMG multipurpose catridge.
I searched for it in web but the multipurpose cartridge is mentioned in the same breath with the raufoss.

Is there an different?

Thats an unloaded cartridge without powder.

Hi Manuel,

The FNB .50 with yellow/silver combination was called the APEI-169 Multi use round.
The NAMMO round was called MP and had a green tip.

If i’m not mistaken, the FN round was indeed based on the Raufoss/NAMMO design.

Thank you!

Several countries have a license from Raufoss/Nammo to produce their .50 Multi-purpose design. FN, for example, does and has their own, separate MP design. Differences are the internal construction of the bullet.

FN’s Silver/Green tip (reverse of US Mk211) is their own HEPI design, Silver/Yellow is the APEI169, which is the Nammo design built by FN.

Several countries use green as a tip color code, the original Nammo code for example, early US, France, etc.

Current US code is Green/White, was previously Green/Silver

Green/Red is the Multi-Purpose Tracer.

White/Yellow is Nammo production for Sweden.

in the past i had a picture of sectionned silver yellow tip and the construction is different from "raufoss"
no core but similar to mdz 12.7 soviet
unfortinely i can’t find this picture