.50 BMG Israeli API-T?

All, I have new additions to the family today. I’m having a hard time on my phone verifying what the two are in the middle. They’re Israeli and the have blue/red/black on the tip. I think they’re APIT but I can’t remember…

Yes - those are APIT, and blue over black is API.

Roger that. Was making sure about those Israeli ones… thanks!

Twoaz, by which ones do you mean blue over black? I know the US APIT ones with silver and red, I want to confirm the tri-color ones which are from Israel. Are they API or APIT? Thanks again

The Israeli are APIT.

Thank you sir… now how about that green one all the way to the right? HS LC 94?

Ok, M20 APIT-Dim…

The blue over black code I mentioned is found on Israeli API - basically a companion to your rounds.

Roger that, I got it figured out, much appreciated!!!