.50 BMG Red and Black tip


Hey all.

Can anyone clue me in on the meaning of a .50 BMG projo with a black tip and red ring. It’s on an case hstp’d “IVI” over “73” (Both oreintatied the same way). that has traces of a green primer annulus. ANy reference I can find to those projo colors, seems to list these as French AP-T but:IVI i Canadain and as far as I am aware, Canada used UK marking convention during WW2 and then NATO markings after that. Neither of those color convetions used those colors that (I’m aware of).

So any help?



The French used this colour coding twice, the later was for an anti-ricochet round made for the Swiss, about 1986 by Manuhurin. Possibly a similar contract a couiple of years earlier?
South Africa also made this colour code for a one-time contract but this time it represented AP-T with a harder core than standard ball or tracer.



Hi Nick,

This is the C44. It is an APHC-T load. I’ve recently sectioned one and will post pictures soon.



Cheers mate. Would I be right in assuming APHC-T is Armour Piercing Hard Cored-Tracer?


Hi Nick,

Yes, the core is TC with the typical bi-conic tip. My understanding is that this ammunition was reserved for wartime use. The projectile is much heavier (something like 250 grains) than a standard load resulting in higher pressures. The analogy I heard was that it was like a proof shot, but was necessary to achieve any sort of penetration against an APC…Paul