.50 BMG (sized) inertia puller


There was a discussion awhile ago about a home made puller suitable for pulling 50 BMG and similar types of cartridges… there was also pictures of it. I did a search and found the thread but there are no longer pictures and no names on the posts.

I am in need of a large puller for 50 BMG but 600 nitro express as well… If someone has the pictures or knows who manufactured the one in the posts, I would appreciate the info. I would like to be able to pull these big bullets without damaging either the case or the bullet.

I have a very nice compression puller, but you need a shell holder to use it… If you don’t have a shell holder then your S.O.L.

Any help is appreciated.


Sounds much like Falcon’s machinery.


yuppers…that would the the enthusiastic “Falcon” from the UK


I use a steel pipe with no problems for cartridges up to 50 Browning

I wrap the case and bullet with tape, put it into the tube and then fix it with tape. Then I hit the other end of the pipe with a hammer .

With heavy bullets it is a simple thing since they have a lot of “inertia” and come out easy

I even use the end of my case trimmer once to take the case in place, but that’s not a good idea, since the shell holder ruined the rim of the cases


The thread was Falcon’s, but I also contributed to it (I’ve made a couple large ones also).

I tend to use 3/4" seamless pipe with end caps for the “raw stock” and either shell holders or (home made) “U” washers for holding the case. For belted or rimmed cases a “standard” washer can be drilled out to the appropriate inside diameter. I have also made them using 3/4 pipe for the “catcher” end and 1" pipe for the “holder” end

If you decide to use threaded (or welded) construction, be sure to include a vent hole (or 2) on the opposite side from your handle, just in case.

The nice thing about the larger rounds (VS little ones like the 30-06) is that due to the heavier bullets, you don’t have to “whack” as hard to remove the bullet.