50 BMG SLAP-T spotter tracer

WCC 85 SLAP headstamp.
Zirconium tip (spotter)
Was told XM907, but can’t find anything online about that.

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You should email Lou Behling. I believe he had a hand in testing the round. His email is in the membership roster.


Pat, Lou is where this picture came from, and the suggested XM907. Was hoping there was more info out there.

The ziroconium tipped versions of the SLAP and SLAP-T were very early in the development phase, after they abandonded the DU penetrator material. The zirconium was to give a spotter effect to the SLAP. Like the DU material idea, they were found to be unnecessary and just went with the plain penetrator we know today. There was quite a bit of experimentation with the SLAP project that led to what we know today, Zirc and DU just a couple. I’m not aware of any designations for them. They were all part of the same project, trying to zero in on the best material for what became M903/M962