.50 BMG steel case ammo

I have two .50 BMG steel cased round in my collection. One live ball with a h/s of L C 5 5 , the other is a fired case with a h/s of T W 5. Any one have any other h/s???


Steve - your headstamp pictures are very blurred. If you have an auto focus digital camera, it is possible that you are trying to get the lens too close to the subject, beyond its focal range. if that is the case, back it off. You would be surprised at what good results you can get just by cropping and enlarging. If the pictures are taken on a scanner, I have no advice. My flat plate scanner does o.k. with headstamps generally.


Those pics are cropped. Usually I can get some good pics from this camera…I will give it another go around.


Wait for the green rectangle and center on primer. And TULIP! Don’t forget the TULIP!

Slick Rick,

I have the tulip…love the tulip! Just had a real problem with focus on the color of the case…I drank some been and it helped!!!


I have a steel-cased ball round with headstamp F A 52.

Thanks Chip!

Anybody know how many differnt h/s’s…loadings?


“History of Modern US Military Small Arms Ammunition Volume II: 1940-1945” mentions ball, dummy and AP loadings in steel cases during the 1942-1944 period. They list the following manufacturers for steel cases (headstamp examples, if listed, are in parenthesis):

Frankford Arsenal
Remington Arms Co.
St. Louis Ordnance Plant (SL 42)
Milwaukee Ordnance Plant (M 43)
Stant Manufacturing Co. (SMCO 43)
Sparklet Devices Inc. (S D 43)
Lowell Ordnance Plant (L M 43)
Winchester Repeating Arms Co. (WRA 42)
Des Moines Ordnance Plant
Twin Cities Ordnance Plant

Work obviously continued into the 1950s based on our cases, but my reference only goes through 1945.

I forgot to check my dummy rounds when I responded earlier. I have the following steel case dummy rounds:

FA 42
FA 43
FA 4

All steel case 50BMG are not US
Here a french experimental inert cartridge with steel case


No headstamp
FA 43
FA 51
FA 57
LC 54
LC 56
LM 43
M 42
RA 42
SD 43
CAL 50 WRA 42

I forgot my steel dummy also, both FA 4 but one has a two step like primer pocket.


The Dutch Artillerie Inrichtingen also made steel cased 12,7x99mm cartridges. These were fitted with either ball or tracer bullets, in a 4:1 belt linking. These ammunition was used by the Royal Netherlands Marine Corps and Royal Netherlands Army. I know of the extistance of the following headstamps (12 - 9 - 3 - 6 o’clock):

AI 59 BC .50
AI 60 AC .50
AI 66 AA .50
AI 66 AB .50
AI 66 AC .50
AI 66 AD .50