50 bmg

I have 3 x.50 BMG rounds
the top 2 I am at a loss to identify
Manufacture & date
the bottom I believe is Brazilian, Tracer 1955
the top 2 unsure if AP or tracer the middle one has a red
ring around the primer
second Pic is a drawing of the head stamps in which I have tried
to show difference in text size
not the correct font

The top 2 are Japanese 13.2mm Hotchkiss rounds. the case is 99m (same as .50BMG).

Thanks Takapu
That’s very interesting
any Idea of date?

I think 1943 for the first one (Ball), 1942 for the second (Tracer).
Both from Toyokawa Arsenal.

The Brazil CBC is 1995.

You are a gentleman of knowledge
thanks very much

I guess we also happen to be in the same timezone.

I’m in New Zealand

Kiwi, have you bowed down in submission and got your licence to collect ammo yet?

Doc AV
Across the Tasman.

In the process
It’s a bit of a mission

Sounds like South Australia where there is a licence to collect ammunition only, I believe.

In Queensland, ammunition collection is the province of the Mines (Explosives) department, whilst the Police control firearms and relative ammo.
Soone can collect ammo without a shooters licence, or collect ammo ( only ball or blank) with a shooters licence only.
If one wants to collect specials, (
Tracer,AP, Incendiary etc) one needs the Mines licence.
Also if one collects 20mm or bigger.
Doc AV

Yep, our new system will be at least as user friendly as that, with all the extra clauses and catch-alls.