50 bmg

I have a 50 cal with yellow and red on the tip, what does this mean?

It could be Spotter-Tracer or Incendiary Tracer. What’s the headstamp?

headstamp is K L11A2 67

K = Kynoch

L11A2 = .50" Browning Ranging-Observing L11A2 (UK)

67 = 1967

Hi Dominion,

These cartridges were used in the coaxial ranging gun of certain post-WW2 British main battle tanks for ranging the main gun. When the ranging projectile of the .50 cal coaxial ranging gun stroke the target, the main gun was fired. These bullets produce a bright flash and a puff of smoke on impact. They match the trajectory of the projectiles from the main gun at sufficiently short distances.


thank you