.50 Brg Swiss news

Very efficient against Covid!


Does this mean the Swiss show has started 2 days earlier?

do you had picture of the rounds ?

The image with the 2 boxes is showing front and back of the same box?

The single box appears to have been made for France?

Yes, images would be nice to see.

3 different boxes hst
Hst + T 11 + T 13 + T 19

Box for France normal AP
FS is a test with solid brass
Match is probably normal bt
Come to Aesch…

I wish I could…

Ok so the brass one is a solid if I got it right.
The black tip is the Anthena AP and the silverish with stabs is the practice/ball variant of the Anthena and has a zinc core if I got it right.

The match is the so called Training SX. It is a 41,7 g / 644 gr bullet with the identical bullet design like the AP version HC SX. Only the hardened steel is replaced to an aluminum zinc core.

Do you know what the solid one is?

i had the black tip
headstamp: T 10 +(in circle)

i notice that the black tip could had different lenghts (yes i know that is only paint)

It was probably a contract for a foreign country! RUAG tested 308, 300 WM and 338 LM. Not successful! I also have a solid copper but from a later production.

Jean-Francois, good info, as usual!