.50 Browning Headstamp ID'S


1= DM This round has an orange tip, is it Des Moines, USA ???
2= HJ This is a rose crimped blank, [ HJ = ???]
3 = HD This round has a silver tip, [AP-I] [H D = ???]


#1 Is Des Moines, Tracer, 1944.

The other 2 may be Singapore Chartered Industries, but I cannnot say this for certain. The “HJ” and “HD” are date codes if I am right about the maker. Someone else will be able to tell you what the date codes translate to (2 Digit year).


Thank you Falcon, Yes my guess was the 50 stood for 50 cal and I already
worked out the “H” was 8, the "D " was 4 and the “J” was 0 [hopefully]
but I was still a little unsure so posted to perhaps get an experts advice and get it right.
Thanks again Terry.