50 Browning Multiball

Are these 2 ctges parts of the same programm ?

left one hstp : LC 55
right one hstp : TW 45

What are their exact deignation ?
Which one is the scarcest ?



Those are both Project SALVO Squeeze Bore cartridges. Different sabots. Colt manufactured in the 1960s, I believe, using 1940s and 1950s brass.

The one on the right was discussed in an earlier thread.

Values are about the same, I think, but will cede to someone more knowledgeable than moi.


[quote=“Ray Meketa”]JP


Thank you Ray !

Ray is correct. Here in the states, there are 5 different varieties commonly encountered, selling for $5 to $10 each. Have seen them for sale in belts of 100 even.

There are an additional two designs that are not commonly encountered, with at least 3-4 futher designs that are exceedingly scarce, but that’s based only on my own research, there could be many other designs I’m not aware of. There’s even a tracer variant.

These were done by RICA originally, then the firm’s principal moved to Colt where additional work was done, including field trials in Viet Nam as a Riverine Warfare anti-ambush load. (To mow down river bank vegetation.)

Besides .50 BMG caliber, there was a 9mm, .38 Spcl, & 45 ACP version for pistol and 762NATO as well as 30-06 versions for rifle caliber MG.

Keith Pagel
FCSA / VHP Magazine