.50 cal (12,7x76) spotter cartridge price?


I am trying to establish a price level for a buy/trade proposition, can anyone help me with a price for one of these in fairly scratched condition, but still with colors on the tip?
Sorry for the question, but I cannot post on the trade/sell forum.



There is more than one cartridge but the common one with the yellow/red tip color will sell for anywhere from $15 to $50 USD, depending on all the usual circumstances.

Values are always hard to do.



I’ve bought mine, in a mint condition, for 5 Euro.


$6.36 to $50 range. THAT narrows it down. :-)


Let’s narrow it down a little more…
Here is a spotter round for $150!



That particular cartridge has been on GunBroker for about 2 years now, without a single bid AFAIK. It doesn’t cost a seller anything to keep re-listing a cartridge and some take advantage of that particular feature of GB.

Cartridges advertised are not a good guide. Cartridges actually sold are.

A mint example for 5 Euro is a steal.



I only paid $1.00 for mine, including the cardboard shipping tube over the bullet. But that was back in 1980.


I think it’s a $5-$10 max round.


I’ll take half-a-dozen @ $7.50 each.

I’d bet that the only place you’ll find them for that kind of price is at one of the big shows such as SLICS. But, cartridges from shows like that are only available to what, 25% of IAA members at the most? Not really representative of what the other 75% would have to pay. And if you factor in the cost of attending a show, the price is far above what you’d pay on one of the auction sites.

Don’t misunderstand, I’m not knocking the shows. Actually, I’m jealous of those that can attend.



OK, thanks for the price range. Now to find some old .500 NE to trade with…


well i must be a rich man then i have about 4000 rounds live of the 50 spotter all 50 -80s head stamps but i have a rifle that shoots them an last weekend fired about 30 so at $150 each at 30 boy thats a lot of pizza going down range $4500.00 more like a used car going down range


By the way, which type of the 12,7x76 is less common: the M48A1 (with stab primer in the projectile) or the M48A2 (without stab primer)? And what about the T249E2 (trainer version, with soda filling)?



Being that I fancy myself a “color tip collector”…(I sure would like that green tipped round !!)

I have always considered these common (red over yellow short BAT rounds) and with variables of condition and H/S effecting prices.

mint condition with cardboard sleeve ?..maybe $10 +/-

common average condition “cheap”…couple bucks

non US countries H/S…certainly bigger $ (So. Africa, Swiss, Belgium, Spain, in my collection)(not that they are all red/yellow)

and the odd colors, olive drab, (and the real scarce silver, black, etc) should command much more ”attention”

like any round…inerts, dummies, etc…etc…can all drive a collector and price interest up

bottom line?..common US red/yellow tipped average condition BAT’s to IAA members at a show ?..should not rock any one’s world cost/price wise


What about the high pressure test variant? It has a stannic-stained case. Must be hard to find one of those :-)


[i]mint condition with cardboard sleeve ?..maybe $10 +/-

common average condition “cheap”…couple bucks[/i]

Even better! I’ll take two of the mint/sleeve @$10 and two of the common @ $2.




Here are some pretty coloured British spotters for you Pepper.

(The case on its own has a screw-in artillery type primer with the normal flash tube)




shall I send my address or you doing to use the IAA directory ? :)

(I think that might be my first vain attempt at a smiley face!)

be well…thanks for coloring up my dreams !

PS…you Brits drove/drive me crazy with the .308 (& '06) colors (got to love em!)…now you do it with .50 BAT’s !!!

PPS…Ray, I will check my trade stock (doesn’t see the light of day until SLICS) and see what was on my table/left on my table…if there’s any BAT’s left…you’ll be the first to know


Ah, but what about the spotter bullets in the Browning case for the tank gun? We do pretty pretty in those too!

See you at SLICS




All she wrote ! (feel free to haul additions to SLICS !!!)
(no time to crop them all up real pretty !)


Pretty indeed! A very nice selection of British experimentals, mostly Kynoch. I think one could go one nearly forwever collecting the Kynoch 7.62mm tracer experimentals.

There are a few I can see you are missing, but very nice all the same.