.50 cal 50 cent find

My new workshop is located opposite of a local church thrift shop, in fact my shop used to be their storage area.

So its tempting to walk in and see what they have that I don’t really need.

Today I spotted this .50 case from St. Louis arsenal with a 42 date. Funny to see the turning marks on the base. Is this normal or just a case of ‘will do’ quality control?

Turning marks are very normal on US production.

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But why are they there?

As production methods vary and also depend much on the used machinery it appears here that the case heads needed to be turned during the production process.

Remember that there is many ways to draw and finish a brass case.

On top there is also brass cases which do bear the tool marks of the bunter which simply is impressing them into the brass case. But that is not the case with so many US cases as there is also the extra groove (looks like a spiral) the tool is producing when moving back to it’s zero position.

Despite the heavy grinding and polishing after production (after it’s service life) even here the “spiral” can be seen.

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