.50 Cal ammo Identification Help

I have some .50 Cal ammo (12.7x99) that I’m having problems identifying.

The links are similar to US M9, but each belt also has a starter tab which is finished with something akin to black gloss enamel paint.

The headstamp is:
12 o’clock position: 74-06
3 o’clock position: F
6 o’clock position: 12.7
9 o’clok position: MR (with the M over the R)

This stuff functions well in M2 BMGs, but about 3% of the cases show a split after use (about 1-1.5" long).

The primers are crimped in place (3 spots 120 degrees apart).

If anyone has an idea about this ammo, please let me know.



Mark–They are French. The “MR” is the company that loaded them (Manufacture de Machines du Haut-Rhin, (Manurhin), Mulhouse-Bourtzwiller, France) and the “F” is the supplier of the metal (Trefileries et Laminoirs de la Metiterranee, St. Louis France. The “74-06” is 1974-June" and the “12.7” is the caliber (.50 Cal.)


I have a partial cartridge I’m trying to ID. Appears 50 Cal. From what I can make out of the headstamp… at 12 “7” at 3 “C” at 6 “6” and
at 9 “0”.

Any ideas anyone…



Are you sure that the “7” is not a “L” I think your case should read “L C 0 6” with the "L at 10 o’clock. “C” at 2 o’clock “0” at 8 o’clock and “6” at 5 o’clock.

In that case it is Lake City Ammunition Plant, Lake City, MO
made in 2006.

oh… I’m ready to retire.

Thank you Ron!