50 Cal Ball Round

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Came accross a 50 Cal Ball Round with a headstamp thats not in our IAA reference library.  It is headstamped: LK 88.  Was wondering who made it and what Country it was made in?   I was always told that if it had a date on the headstamp that it was Military?   Thanks In Advance,   joe

Yugoslavian, if like the one below. It is in the headstamp list under “i” since it is an upper-case i apparently.


IK Igman, (of) Konjic; Town near Sarajevo, in what is now “Bosnia-Herzegovina” ( Formerly a Republic within the Federated Republic of Yugoslavia.)
Quality maker of Military and Sporting ammo (on a Par with Prvi-Partizan of Uzice, Serbia).

Made .50 cal. for export, and for use on US-built Tanks acquired in the 1950s ( also made .30 cal as well, for the same reason); Now makes Mil ammo with Boxer Primers.

Doc AV

Are you collecting .50BMG? Did you have the reference from Ron Fuchs? The reference book have a lot of informations.

Thank You DocAV, DK, and manuel. Manuel, i am currently looking for Ron’s Book.

Joe, send me your e-mail & I’ll send you copies of his book.
He had it posted on the net for a free download so I see no problems with sharing his work.

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edited once to ask - OH forgot to ask. is this IK Matt showed your headstamp ? as you had LK in your original post.