.50 Cal Browning Experimental

I was recently lucky enough to pick up some US and French Experimental .50 cal rounds about which I know nothing, H/s L-R. 1. (T 4 5 W) 2. ( L C 5 5). 3. (S L 45) 4. (S L 45) 5. (WCC SLAP). 6. (TE. 1-79 F 12.7). 7 (SF 1 - 83. 12.7 S )

I would welcome any information on these, particularly if the cases on the first 4 rounds have the right dates?

Thanks in advance.

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I can not see French experimentals there.

I thought TE and SF were French H/s and the rounds were experimental. If I am wrong please tell me.


The 4 rounds on the left are from the .50-.30 SALVO-Squeezebore Project, some information here:

0.50 - 0.30 Salvo-Squeezebore (SSB) Colt’s 1968 Presentation on Salvo-Squeezebore program.pdf (4.5 MB)

The next round is a .50 SLAP.

The .50 round to the far right maybe one version of the French Anthena AP rounds: http://iaaforum.org/forum3/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=16387


the first french round (with stepped pointed bullet) is similar to one of experiment about PORED (portée reduite) bullet

To follow up with what Ammogun posted above, cartridge #6 is a French reduced range loading if I understand the following link correctly:


Also from .50 Cal BMG (12.7x99mm) Cartridges. Their Variations and Other Related Cartridges and Items; Fuchs, 2012:


Hi Ian,
you can find some info on the 50-30 squeezebores on this page too



On the extreme right is an example if the French PPI, this was a major project & many experimentals were made with regard to materials, profiles, tips and coatings. Once they had established the profile they had to stop it rusting. I don’t have even nearly all of them but here is a selection: Adopted one is the lower picture, right hand side.


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Here is a selection of the French short range cartridges Pored, tracers with red tips. I think that the aluminium bulleted ones were actually adopted so not really experimental.

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Will, is it really aluminum or coated brass?

Thanks everyone for some really informative and helpful replies.

I bought this on our last german collectors meeting this weekend.
Thats painted brass.

I’d say zink plated brass (or something alike). This is a short range projectile as designed in France and still made today (by RUAG). Not experimental.

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Hi Tony, who’s site is this?
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May 5

I also use Access to track my collection. I have a main control panel with various options to generate reports, etc.:


I have a summary table that I keep open on one of my monitors that is in portrait orientation so that I can see a large number of items at once. It allows me to filter and sort items based on some of the major parameters like caliber, loading, or country of origin, and then I can click on the ID number to see a detailed view on another monitor:

Thank you, bookmarked.

Very nice Twoaz!!!