.50 Cal Bullet ID-- no luck in searches

Hi everyone. Thanks for activating my registration so quickly. We found an unusual .50 Cal projectile at our facility today. No one has ever seen the like. Mining this forum for info beforehand seemed to indicate that you guys know your obscure stuff and might have a clue what these are.

So, pictures.

That hole on the bottom descends a little over an inch into the projectile. Metal fitting itself is appx. .25" long.

Any clue what these are? I tried searching for more info to no avail. Any help or insight woud be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for the vote of confidence, and welcome.
I can’t ID your projectile, but I have seen those often enough that I know your question will be answered in short order.

Reminds me of one of the LRTA projectiles…(Limited Range Training Ammunition)


Thanks Randy that was exactly the info I needed to look these up. I was having no luck before, but searching LRTA brought these up left and right.

Thanks for the assist!

Oooohhhh…under a half hour!
Thanks, Randy.