.50 Cal Experimental

I have this experimental .50 Cal that is 12.8 x 102.2mm.
The headstamp seems to be W 19 ( the 9 looks like an 0 or bad stamping).
In HW&S Vol 1 P 227 says Winchester trial was un-headstamped but fits the fig 329.

Rim is 0.744". Head is 0.745". Case is 4.025" (102.2mm)
Projectile is 1.810" long. 0.509" diam (12.8mm). weight is 45 grams or nearly 695 grains .
Flat base with a cannelure. Cupro-nickel. Is this the correct projectile ?


Ron, the 12.8mm is the measured diameter of the projectile?

Thank you for sharing!

It looks to be, but check the weight against what Ron or HWS gives for this1st headstamped Cal. .50 BMG. Not really an experimental it being headstamped & the ones leading up to it not being headstamped.

Thanks for the thoughts on this .50 cal.
Unfortunately it has a long neck crack to the shoulder.
I would still call it experimental in this case length even if a few thousand were made?
I thought the projectile may not be original but came from USA years ago.
The weight maybe a bit lighter but my scales said around 45 grams.

I show it compared to the .50 BMG (12.7x99).

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Howdy Ron3350
Your probably right to consider it experimental.