.50 Cal.Flechette


R.Fuchs .50 cal link identifies this as a flechette loaded by AAI in 1980. Headstamp is
L C 7 8 with a red annulus. 4piece ivory sabot with a white plastic collar. The sabot is not magnetic. I was told it could be a depleted uranium flechette and if so would be dangerous to handle. How should I store this cartridge if this is correct?
This loading is scarce in Australia.


I am no exert in 50 Cals, but I believe as long as the flechette is in good shape and not corroded, it is safe if it is DU? DU projectiles are most dangerous after they impact their target and microscopic DU dust is created and could then become inhaled, which is indeed very dangerous. NEVER EVER cut,sand, or grind a DU projectile :-)



I think if it was DU Ron would have stated that.

There is a DU but that isn’t it., it has a clear sabot & you can see the flechette.

Store this just like any other 50.


Thank you gentlemen for confirming I have a normal flechette. I also now know that a DU has a clear sabot if ever I find one.


I have sectioned one of the rounds you show and it had a TC penetrator.

This is the DU load with 3-piece clear sabot.



Paul, great item as usual!
What was the hs on this one?


The TC (on left) is LC 78
The DU (on right) is LC (on the 1/2 that remains)


The DU is headstamped L C 6 8


Judging by the fact that it is equipped with “lacquer” nitroglycerin powder, probably a very hot thing)


Thanks to Pepper, Paul,Pete and everyone for expanding a simple query to include photos of sectioned Flechettes. A great forum for knowledge. I note the TC is roughened and the DU has rings on the flechette. Is DU magnetic ? The clear sabot stands out with rings as an ID feature. Are these also loaded by AAI ?


Not magnetic. Fuchs has these listed & the link to them is a few threads back;
Looks for Ron Fuchs books on drive
Follow the link & download his book, I don’t remember what he says about them, but since you collect 50’s …


Roughened (sand blasted) flechettes and “rings” mated to sabots (tank rounds too) are there to increase “friction/grip” to the sabot so it does “leave” without taking the dart with it. Smooth flechettes failed in the 5.56 ACR trials.