50 Cal ID

Hi, i just received a 50 Cal Projectile that has a green over silver tip. What is it Please? Thanks


Headstamp? Picture?

Could be the multipurpose (MP) projectile (green over silver) or AP hardcore (British), more information is needed.

It could also be the Mk211 Mod0 Raufoss (High Explosive Incendiary - Armor Piercing). Pics and headstamp (if it’s a complete cartridge) would definitely help.


Thank You bdgreen and wrmorrison. i talked to the Fella that i got the round from (have no way to post pictures sorry) and he mentioned that it is a AP Hi Explosive MK 211. My Problem is Solved. Take Care

The Mark 211 Mod 0 (Originally NM140), is a multipurpose cartridge, as bdgreen said.


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Hello Tennsats, and bdgreen.

Yup,  Got what [b]special purpose  projectile [/b]means now.  Many Thanks.  Now i am wondering what other [b]special uses [/b]for that projectile ( green over silver ) that were made?   Take Care