.50 cal "lime" color tip ? wing ding

What do I have here

H/S 50 FNB 87

Case has de-linking scratches

Brass primer…can’t tell if there’s sealant on it…? a reload…and maybe faint bullet pull marks

Odd “lime color” tip (I want it to be “real” and a good addtion to the drawer !!)

Ball is loose (see case mouth crack) thus the cannulular looks shifted (I did not pull the bullet as it is not overly loose)

The more I look…the more I think I have a wing ding gun show load

.50 BMG Caliber “Zombie Round” To bring the Zombie craze full circle to include .50 ammo, not just green tip 5.56, 7.62, 9mm, etc.

United Nations Ammunition Co of Phoenix AZ

Actually a reloaded M20 APIT projectile into Belgian “long neck” blank cases, where the case neck has been trimmed back to length. Don’t know if I’d shoot them though, since the donor brass was originally blank. (I know some manufacturers use brass that’s been rejected for normal ammunition production.)

Nice Job Keith, As Always.

Any Idea When Our Medina Ohio Cartridge Show Will Come Back?

Thanks, joe

Still waiting to hear from the hotel about them fixing the roof or not in that part of the building. We will be putting out word when we hear, via the snail mail list everyone signed up for, here on the IAA forum and in the IAA magazine.

Thanks Keith, Really Appreciate It, Take Care joe