.50 cal. linker/delinker


The only marking is what appears to be a Drawing No. 7146365. Single round. Syringe type. Works great. Very easy to use and obvious in the way it functions. 10" long. About 1" OD. Anybody got info on this?



I have the same linker with marking number 7146365
No furher info




Yours looks in near new condition. Mine is pitted and has had the phosphate polished off, apparently. Have yet to locate any reference to it or see it laying around in any photos. Even the .50 cal sites are void of info on this type linker. Have you seen any others? If we have the only two in existence, the price on mine just went up.



Yes I know a Dutch collector and he has also one…

I think that the linkers are coming from the UK.??



Maybe only the Dutch are allowed to have these. Wouldn’t want one of these to get into the wrong hands.