.50 cal "LM 43"

I bumped into a dealer with a small quantity of LM 43 headstamped live rounds. They are strongly magnetic, both projectile and body. But one is not, the projectile is magnetic but the cartridge is not. It also has dummy holes and primer missing. But all have LM 43 headstamp. Wouldn’t it make sense to make dummies from the existing stock? Also looking at the extractor groove, it looks shiny, like the ones on magnetic rounds. Any idea?

Here it is side by side with a normal live round.

They very much did use existing stocks of projectiles in dummies. Same for cases. Whatever was left over from production, test lot shooting, rejects from the assembly line, etc were used for dummies. For cases, often fired cases from test lot shooting (your LM43 example). Projectiles were often just empty tracer jackets, so those may not have a magnetic attraction (depending on which model tracer jacket was used, Gilding metal-M1 Tracer, GM Clad Steel for M10 and M17.) But also some ball projectiles, some AP without tip color, etc. Steel cases, brass cases. Anything not suitable for production/issue.

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