.50 cal "LM 43"


Dan says this Lowell, Mass. headstamp is rare. What made it not numerous, high usage or low production?


It’s the short time production run.
Lowell Ordnance Plant was operated by Remington under contract from Nov 1942 to Dec 1943.


Vlad, judged by the silverish color, removed primer and remains of primer stake crimps, it looks like a self made dummy round. Has it been a live round as far as you know?



It has 3 very evenly placed mounting holes, and a very well placed tight projectile which I can’t pull out by hand. How do I tell if it is fired? Would a side photo help?
Another collector told me that:
According to HWS, Lowell Ordnance Plant produced over 70,000,000 Cal 50 cartridges, most of which were steel cased. It was run by Remington.


In Ron Fuchs’ “The Reference Book On .50 Cal BMG (12.7 x 99 MM) CARTRIDGES” three L M 43 M2 Dummies are described as being US Gov. mfgd from recovered casings. All have tinned cases with three drilled holes and no primers but with 3 primer stab crimps.


I have both a LM 42 and a LM 43 round in my dummy collection. As pbutler provided, mine also have tinned cases, three holes in the cases and an open primer pockets (with flash holes) with three stab primer crimps. Thanks.